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Battery cell
With the diversified materials composed of high energy NCM + super enrgy LFM + super LFP, as well as the multi wheel drive technology path of cylindrical and pouch cell, we have effectively improved the specific energy, charge and discharge rate, and cycle life of lithium battery products, meeting the needs of different application scenarios and different levels of users.

1. Cylindrical cell has good safety performance and strong adaptability;

2. The cycle life of the product is long, which can reach more than 1800 times under the condition of 100% DOD;

3. Excellent low-temperature performance. The capacity of cell can be maintained above 70% at - 20 ℃, and the capacity of battery pack can be maintained above 88%;

4. The working temperature range is wide, with normal operation within - 20 ℃~55 °C ;

5. At present, the specific energy of cell is about 200wh/kg and that of battery pack is more than 130wh/kg;

6. Quick charge and discharge;

7. The self discharge rate is less than 4% after full charge storage for one month at room temperature;

8. The working voltage of cell is 2.75 ~ 4.2V with good compatibility;

9. Fully automatic production process with good cell consistency;

10. High cost performance and competitive.


ITR18650-2200  rate characteristic curve:

ITR18650-2200 cycle performance (0.5C/1C,RT):


ITR18650-2200 low temperature performance:

ITR18650-2600 low temperature performance (0.5C/1C,RT):


ITR18650-2600 high and low temperature performance (0.5C/1C):