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Battery management system (BMS) provides intelligent and customized operation scheme for the battery, effectively monitors and protects the battery pack, and improves the working efficiency and service life of the whole power pack. Tianneng lithium battery support test port connecting with a quick tester, and the intelligent test battery has a built-in bluetooth chip to support cloud test. The test results can be viewed by mobile app.

1) Leveled alarm security control mechanism;

2) Data recording function (optional) - understand the actual performance of related products by querying historical data;

3) Intelligent learning function to improve the accuracy of SOC calculation;

4) Fault-tolerance technology to improve product reliability;

5) Maximum number of batteries under management: 220;

6) Maximum temperature collection points: 220;

7) Voltage measurement accuracy: 5mv; Temperature measurement accuracy: 1 ℃; Current measurement accuracy: 0.2%; SOC measurement accuracy: 5%;

8) Power supply voltage: 9 ~ 32V for all terminals, central control modules and some display modules, and 12V / 24V for individual display modules

9) Power supply current:< 120mA@12V , < 80mA@24V , < 50mA@32V

10) Current consumption of sampling circuit: when the module is working: maximum 20 μ A, average 1 μ A; When the module is closed: less than 10 nA

11) Working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃; Storage temperature: - 55 ℃ ~ 125 ℃

BMS function diagram:

System composition:

On board power supply scheme: