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Assembly process for cells to charge and discharge after series or parallel connection, and installation of protection board.

1. The matrix bracket combination structure ensures the requirements of compactness, vibration resistance and strength with enough heat dissipation space for each cell;

2. The design and production are easy to realize standardization and serialization with good scalability, which can easily adapt to the application requirements of energy packages with different energy levels and structural forms;

3. Independent research and development of BMS, the establishment of standard test and evaluation platform for software and hardware system, quickly building of BMS software and hardware architecture according to various application needs;

4. BMS real-time inspection of total voltage, working current, insulation resistance, cell voltage, cell temperature and other parameters for battery system with charge and discharge management, fault warning and safety protection;

5. The voltage acquisition terminal of BMS adopts discrete isolation device, which has high reliability and strong anti-interference ability;

6. Based on the measured data and simulation analysis, the thermodynamic model of the battery system is studied and established;

7. Effective thermal management strategy is adopted to control the maximum temperature difference of battery pack within 5 ℃;

8. Automatically optimize and match the charge and discharge management strategy to ensure the long-term stable, safe and reliable operation of the battery system.